Definition of Holandric Gene

Holandric gene is a gene that is found on the Y chromosome only. This means that the holandric genes are always transferred from the father to the son. The mammals are composed of two sex chromosomes and they are evolved from the somatic cells and they are responsible for determining the sex and for producing reproductive traits. The females are homozygous as they have both XX chromosomes in their sex cells.


On the contrary, the males’ sex cell is composed of one X and one Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is stated as the smallest chromosome which comprises 2 to 3% of the genome of the haploid cell and contains about 70 to 200 genes in it. It plays an important role in male fertility. The growth of hair on the face is due to the presence of the holandric gene. If a mutation is present in the holandric gene, certain defects such as colour blindness can be caused.


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