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Amanda always liked to do a white collar job at a company that operates across the globe with an aim to play with accounting figures and equations. She then went for a degree that specializes in accounting from a renowned college in the US. However, after a couple of weeks, she started to get depressed as her routine started to change over time. She was spending more time in understanding the basics of Accounting and Finance but couldn’t help herself in those typical figures and concepts. Sally her friend one day visited her (Sally is obsessed with Hollywood and she is doing a degree in cinematography). Sally found Amanda in a lot of depression and she was worried about her.

Amanda was facing a hell of difficulties to understand the accounting and its basic concepts and it was an entirely a new domain of study for her. She even wouldn’t go swimming. A few days later, Sally called Amanda to plan for an upcoming animated Hollywood movie and she was surprised again that Amanda denied straightaway saying “I just can’t go, I have an assignment that I need to submit tomorrow”. Sally wasn’t feeling good about this at all. She was losing her best friend’s friendship. She decided to help her friend and she then tried to get help from the internet. 

Sally found and she was exploring its pages. She was amazed to find that there was a lot of helping tutorials about all business subjects and especially the accounting.

Time to fly

Sally changed her tab and she found Amanda was online on Facebook. She sent her the website link and told her “its time to fly”. Amanda was curious about that link. She said this is the heaven for you. All the help you need with your subjects is here.

1 Month later

Its been one month and Amanda has developed a great interest ever in her business studies again as she doesn’t feel depressed and she has balanced her life by giving some good time to her swimming and is having fun with her friend Sally. Amanda visits Course Eagle whenever she needs online homework help in her subjects. According to Amanda Course Eagle is just like a friendly teacher who is always there 24/7. Whenever I need help and because of my friendly Teacher, I have built a lot of concepts that I couldn’t have done if Course Eagle wasn’t there.