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Consumer Behaviour deals with the study of groups, individuals or organizations and all other activities associated with the use, purchase, and disposal of services and goods like mental behavior of the consumer, the emotional responses that are directly or indirectly associated with their activities. The concept came up back in 1940 and 50s. By then it was a sub-discipline of the marketing area.

Consumer behavior is an interdisciplinary social science and blends different elements from the fields of social anthropology, sociology,  ethnography, economics, psychology, economics, and behavioral economics with basic emphasis. The Students of Consumer Behaviour will examine the attitudes, emotions, and preferences that affect the buying attitudes of the consumers.

The study also investigates different aspects of an individual consumer including personality and lifestyle, demographics, usage rates, and occasions, brand loyalty, willingness to offer references and the wish to understand the wants and needs of people different other aspects of consumptions which fall under the consumer behavior.

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