Every person in this world has varying interest like building, designing, video making, presentation or sports. Whatever the core interest is there is a business side to each of it. Business is part of the language we speak when we talk about project financing, the entertainment industry, or sports marketing. Everything in this world has a business side and to every industry, there is a need for marketers, managers, accountants, financial analysts or managers, etc. All of these are also known as business majors.

Business is a practical field of study and it is the study of applying the idea to add value or create new services or products to generate financial profit. Business majors have the responsibility to perform research by using their quantitative skills and development of ideas on the basis of the information generated to solve the problems. Business majors are the one who involves customers and employees and thus interpersonal and communications skills are of crucial importance for these individuals to get success in their life.

Apart from general education, the students who want to become entrepreneur have to get expertise in any of the fields they are interested to become professional in their later life. These students get expertise in computer technology, economics, basic accounting, public speaking, business ethics, and law and globalization. With regard to specific major, the business students select courses that are related to one or more than one functional areas which include; finance, accounting, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, management information system apart from different business minors.

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