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The world today is complex and changing continuously and this is the reason why organizations these days strive to adopt an effective and efficient manner or working. For this said reason organization are looking to have competent employees who are skilled in their tasks and work promptly when in a team. To do so they must have to be able to understand the importance and ability to build a cooperative attitude at work. The Subject of organizational behavior helps students to generate understanding about the differences in different parts and activities within an organization and alter the organizational and personal attributes accordingly.

By studying organizational behavior the student can be able to understand what makes people behave the way they do in a corporate setting. Being an employee these students can use their knowledge to enhance their job satisfaction and improve the quality of work they do. While being a manager the individual who has studied organizational behavior can accomplish the goals of an organization and can help the team members to get optimum results.

Above all, learning organizational behavior can help an individual to understand their own attitudes, ethical views, behaviors, and performance while evaluating the same of others around them. The net result of such attributes is higher turnover in performance at any level of any corporate setting.

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