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Are you interested in playing with numbers? You must consider studying the core of economics, the concepts, the rules and laws that help the leading economists to lead the teams and helps the organizations move forward with care and lesser risks. Being an economist you will face major challenges and will be dealing with complex problems the solution to most of them would be defining, arranging or rearranging the numbers.

Econometrics is a degree that is taught in leading schools around the globe. This degree is meant to help the students to study the core of economics. Other options offered may include statistics or economics etc.

Economics or Econometrics is one of the wide-spreading disciplines and is always in demand. It means that it brings some promising career opportunities for individuals. Econometrics is a theoretical and practical science that deals with the distribution and production of wealth. It is majorly based on the system of buying, production, and selling of both services and goods.

Majorly this discipline is concerned with the attitudes and relationship of the societies, economies, and people with that of the economics that is applied in the real world. It deals with the study and analysis of the activities and interactions between the market, government, and people.

Despite there are many subbing divisions of the subject the two main subcategories are and macroeconomics. Speaking overall, Econometrics is one of the most advanced disciplines that, by Adam Smith, is regarded as the father of modern economics. The field of Econometrics now encompasses many other subjects including law, geography, sociology and many others.

The most common career path for the students after completing the degree includes; Economist; Financial risk analyst; Data analyst; Accountant; Financial consultant; Public sector roles; Financial planner; Economic researcher; Actuary and Investment analyst.

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