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A bachelor’s degree generally ends with a four years education. However, from one school to another and in a different area of study, there are times when the students need to study some additional years to become in a specific field.  At the same time is important is to complete a graduate degree before enrolling in the Master’s degree.
The degree for bachelor's in taxation is a specialized field within the accounting program and is mainly focused on preparing future tax experts. General courses in the discipline of accounting are taken including management accounting, financial accounting, management, organizational behavior, marketing, international business law, etc.  Apart from it, tax-specific courses are also a focus of the discipline and may include business taxation, income taxation, and analysis of financial statements, etc. The programs aim at the development of understanding for tax management for business as well as individuals. The field of taxation is complex and this is the reason why the students focus on single specific areas based on their interest.  The students who complete taxation programs can pursue their career in tax preparation and could think of starting their own business as a tax manager. These professionals are then able to complete the tax-related liabilities and process the documents for their clients and help them meet their tax obligations well.
The students of general taxation can prepare themselves to work as a tax accountant or could sit for a specific license. These students can also work as a tax preparer and can find employment in both the private and government sector. They can also their professional career as a business person offering taxation services with their name tag. These can also find jobs in the finance department of any corporate setting, work as an auditor or tax attorney.  
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