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Those who are interested in the subject of modern physics must have the idea that it is an effort to generate a deeper understanding of the underlying process of the interaction of different matters utilizing the tools of engineering and science. The term modern physics is generally used to refer to branches of physics that are either developed in the early 20th century or in times after that. It also includes the branches that are greatly influenced by the physics of the early 20th century.

The modern physics involved the extreme of smallest velocities and distances that are close to the speed of light. such extremes demanded new theories and inventions in the early times of the 20th century and thus set roots for the wonderful and weird results for Einstein’s theory of relativity and the equations of quantum mechanics from Schrodinger. the subject of modern physics also covers introductory discussions on optics and the wave theory before speaking of Einstein’s theory of special relativity and the introduction to quantum mechanics for discussion on nuclear and atomic physics.

The study of modern physics helps students to generate awareness about science and scientific knowledge, inquiry and problem-solving in physics, etc. Once a student completes the course for modern physics, he or she will be able to recall and apply the knowledge in the fields of waves and optics, quantum physics and special relativity; analysis and the problem-solving abilities in the above-said areas; and conducting relevant experiments, performing analysis  of data and writing results and reports on the data, research and results etc.

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