Definition of Environmental Degradation

Environmental Degradation is the process of the environment being depleted in the form of, temperature rise, smog, barren land, ecosystem, water, and air.


The major cause of environmental degradation is human involvement. For instance, as the demand for wood has increased exponentially in the late 1990s to the 21st century in the paper, furniture, and many other countless industries that depend heavily on wood. The rate of deforestation has increased dramatically, which has caused many species to go instinct and put many on the brink of intinction. Meanwhile, deforestation has had drastic effects on the subsequent land including, floods and land sliding thus destructing the natural habitat for countless species and even humans.  


On the other hand, with industrialization at the astronomical growth rate in the past 10 decades has resulted in extensive carbon dioxide emulsion adding to the bad air quality and temperature rise, and climate change.

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