Definition of Machiavellianism

Machiavellianism is an act of a person to use such means that are deceiving and manipulating in the pursuit of power, personal gains, and money. In simple words, How much people go out of their way to gain their personal interest. They tend to manipulate their coworkers or even deceive them. These people lack in morality have lower levels of empathy towards others and they always and in every situation see themselves first. In psychology, this is a closely related term to Narcissism.


Example of Machiavellianism at Workplace:

Being the team leader of a project Tom didn’t do his tasks yet, he assigned his own tasks to one of new recruits (in his team) Sam and claimed later, that he has done his work on his own. Tom did this to become the star of his manager’s eye and eventually got promoted. Sam didn’t receive recognition for the extra work he did for his team lead. Here Tom did this to get promoted and to be seen as one of the productive and efficient employees in the team.

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