Definition of Malignant

Malignant tumors are the tumors which are composed of cancerous cells. These tumors are developed due to the uncontrollable divisions of cells. If these cancer cells keep on growing and spreading, the disease can become lethal and life is endangered. This type of tumors has the ability to show the phenomenon of metastasis in which the tumors spread to other parts of the body. These tumors attack other organs and deteriorate them.


The examples of malignant tumors include carcinoma, sarcoma, germ cell tumor, blastoma etc. Carcinomas are formed in the tissues or the linings of stomach, pancreas, prostate, lung, liver, breast etc. Sarcomas are developed in the cartilages, bones and nerves. Germ cell tumors occur in the egg and sperm cells and blastoma are the tumors present in the brain, eyes and nervous system.

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