Definition of Role Conflict

Role conflict is a situation where an individual is performing different tasks and none of the tasks gets completed due to lack of time or experience. Role conflict may arise for a short or longer period due to unavailability of the human resource or maybe in emergencies. In this situation, an individual has no clear direction to follow and is relying on his experience.


Role conflicts are of two types:

1- Intra-role conflict arises when the demand for work is in the same domain or life. A Supply chain individual may face a situation where has was assigned multiple tasks from supply chain and marketing supervisors and he may not able to complete any of it on time.

2- Inter-role conflict arises when the demand for work is in multiple domains or life. For example; a doctor who is also a loving husband and a dear father may face a situation where he had to rush to hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients on an emergency basis but he also wants to stay safe at home with his family.

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